Bridge Academy students are required to wear uniform attire as approved by the school board while adhering to the TFSD 411 socially accepted standards. The standard uniform attire will be in effect at all school-sponsored activities (i.e. field trips). Repeated violations will result in a write-up, (discipline action), WISE referral or removal from BA program.  Students are to observe the following guidelines regarding dress:


  1. Students must wear a Bridge Academy uniform polo shirt (purchasable from the front office). Students may wear long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies with no writing or logos visible on the sleeves or collars UNDER their short sleeved uniform shirt. 

ONLY Cash or Checks accepted – We are not set up to take debit/credit cards.


  1. Students must wear khaki colored pants, khaki capris, or knee length khaki shorts (such as golf shorts, walking shorts, or bermuda shorts). Sweat pants, leggings or jeggings, see-through, excessively tight, or revealing attire is not permitted. 
  2. Students may wear a full zip sweatshirt or jacket over their Bridge Academy polo shirt. A full zip Bridge Academy hooded sweatshirt may be purchased from the office or from the PBIS student store. This sweatshirt may be worn zipped up in class; the Bridge polo shirt must also be worn underneath. Students may wear their own full zip jacket or sweatshirt purchased from elsewhere as long as it has appropriate artwork. Other zipper sweatshirts/jackets must be unzipped in class to show the uniform polo. 
  3. No ​zipper-less ​jackets, sweatshirts, or hoodies ​that pull on over the head ​are allowed ​​unless it is the Bridge Academy pullover hoodie earned when a student moves to phase three. All pullover/hoodies MUST be worn under the school polo.
  4. No jackets are allowed to be worn in class over the Bridge Academy polo. Hats, hoods, or head coverings (including sunglasses) of any kind are not allowed in school buildings.
  5. There are no holes allowed in clothing, this includes tears and rips. All clothing should be sized appropriately for the student. Clothing must conceal undergarments (boxers, thongs, undergarment straps, etc.) at all times. Pants must be worn at hip-level or higher, if not then purchase of a belt ($3.71) will be enforced.
  6. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  7. Clothing, accessories, and visible tattoos with words or pictures that contain any of the following are prohibited: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, death, destruction, hate groups, racial separation, or obscenity.
  8. Visible body piercing or magnetic/glued jewelry on the face, eyes, arms, hands, tongue, and feet are prohibited. Earrings and nose studs are allowed. Spikes, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or any other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school.
  9. Markings or drawings on the face, arms, hands, or clothing is also prohibited.
  10. A backpack or cinch bag is required for students to carry their school supplies from class to class. 
  11. Agenda books are required daily. Each student will be given an agenda book. If students’ agenda book is lost then he/she will be required to purchase a replacement agenda book at a cost of $5.00.


**PHASE 5 Students are no longer required to wear the Bridge Academy uniform. They are, however, required to follow TFSD dress code policy.


  • There may be exclusions to the dress code policy for religious or health reasons.


Students that violate the school’s dress code policy will report to the office and follow dress code policy procedure: 

  • 1st time: Call home and remain in passroom until uniform arrives (level 1)
  • 2nd time: Call home and full day in passroom (level 2)
  • 3rd time: Call home, remain in passroom until uniform arrives, write-up and parent meeting

4th time: Call home, write-up and WISE/OSS