Guest Speaker Information

616 Eastland Drive

Twin Falls, ID 83301

(208) 737-5282

Our Purpose: Here at Bridge Academy we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to engage with individuals within our community who have overcome adversities and learned to be resilient. We are dedicated to showing our students that they can be successful throughout life if they implement the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. One of our goals is to also educate our students about different career paths that they can choose so that they can begin to think about their future past high school. Thank you for volunteering your time to speak with our students.

  • Please arrive at 8:50 am and check in at the front office with the secretary and get your guest badge; please have your driver’s license on you for identification

  • Students gather in the cafeteria and our principal Mrs. Huicochea or counselor Ms. Quaintance will introduce you to the group

    • Our student body consists of up to 60 students in 7th and 8th grade ranging from 12-15 years old

  • We generally allow time for questions for the last five minutes. You have free reign to present however you would like and if there is anything that you would need from us such as access to the projector, etc., please let Jessica know the day before. 

Questions or topics to cover if you need more ideas: 

  • What do you do?

  • What made you decide to enter the line of work you are in?

  • What college or certificates have you had to obtain (if any) to be in your position?

  • What challenges or struggles have you had along the way?

    • How did you overcome these challenges?

  • What is some advice that you wish you would have received at 12-15 years old?

  • What adversities have you overcome in your journey of life?

    • Did you have a difficult childhood?

    • Was there a turning point in your life that helped you decide to get on a better path?

    • Have you struggled with any mental health disorders or addiction along your journey?

      • If so, how did you overcome these challenges?

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